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About Diesel Market Ltd

Established in 1994, Diesel Market Ltd is the leading supplier of aftermarket spare parts for diesel automobiles, trucks and special vehicles in the Russian Federation and CIS countries.

Diesel Market Ltd works in close cooperation with the most renown worldwide automobile engine spare parts and diesel fuel injection equipment manufacturers.

Throughout the years, the company has developed a large customer base in most Russian and CIS cities. Today, Diesel Market Ltd is:


PORTEX (FLAG)Robert Bosch RussiaAUTOWELT (Germany) DENSO (diesel department)

Central Distributor of DENSO Europe B.V. (diesel department) Distributor of FLAG PORTEX Handelsges. mbH Germany Distributor of AUTOWELT , Germany Dealer of Robert Bosch Russia Company

Our extensive experience and expertise of the automobile parks in Russia and the CIS allow us to permanently keep a relevant stock of more than 9000 high quality spare parts and references in immediate response to our customers’ needs, and to offer the best prices and services.

We supply spare parts for gasoline and fuel engines (cylinder heads, pistons, piston rings, crankshafts, camshafts, piston valves, con. rod and main bearings, gaskets, and so on), and spare parts for diesel fuel injection systems (pumps, injectors, electronic components, nozzles, distributor heads, overhaul kits, and so on).

We also supply professional maintenance, diagnostic and reparation equipments for diesel fuel injection systems.




Diesel Market Ltd continues to expand. In mid 2008, we have opened “Diesel Standard” a Moscow based service station specialized in the diagnostic, maintenance and repairing of diesel engines and fuel injection pumps and systems where customers benefit from the ultimate in technical equipment and technologies. “Diesel Standard” stands out as an excellence centre with highly skilled, committed and experienced workers, and our station has already been authorized by BOSCH, DENSO, and DELPHI.

Diesel Market Ltd also shares and encourages best practices and excellence. Today, we are in the process of opening a “Training Centre” based on “Diesel Standard” experience, best practices, and excellence for service station workers interested in diagnosing, maintaining and repairing diesel engines, fuel injection pumps and systems.

As a market leader in Russia and CIS countries for aftermarket diesel engine spare parts and for diagnostic, maintenance and repair professional equipments and services, Diesel Market Ltd participates in all Moscow specialized fairs and in major international automobile events.


Магазин: Магазин: Магазин:
115409, Москва, Каширское шоссе, д.61,
корп.3А Метро: Домодедовская Автомобильный
Торговый центр МОСКВА,павильон Д-16
109044, Москва, ул.1-ая Дубровская, д.6А
Метро: Пролетарская
Москва, Кунцевский авторынок,
павильон 28/7 Метро: Молодежная

Тел.: 221-42-91

Тел.: 788-1376 многоканальный, 674-38-91

Тел.: 971-88-28
E-mail: moscow@engines.ru
E-mail: dubrovka@engines.ru
ICQ: 293319980
E-mail: kuncevo@engines.ru
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